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When Is The Best Time to Copy or Add Funds in eToro?

Have you ever wondered when is the best time to copy or add funds to mjtfernandez? Here are some steps to identify when is the best time to add more funds to copy mjtfernandez:

  1. There are times in a month the stock prices tend to go down for either a known or unknown reason, despite the companies in the fund performing well in terms of income and having no debt problems.
  2. Capture these moments by adding funds to copy mjtfernandez during those periods. Make sure to copy open trades so you get to copy the stocks which are now trading at a lower price.
  3. To do this go to and check stats for the current month.
  4. If the stats for the current month is negative (or close to negative despite the month coming to an end), then it is a good time to get in. Doing this will allow you additional around 1-5% returns for the amount you copied in the short term.
  5. Another indication is that you sometimes notice (in the notification portion of eToro App) that the person you are copying is adding funds. This means that the person you are copying thinks that the prices are low. This is also a good time to add funds.
  6. However, if you intend to invest for long term like 2-3yrs or more or if you intend to invest for dividend payouts, using cost averaging (and not timing the market) may be for you as it does not require you to regularly monitor your eToro account. To know more about dividend investing via eToro copy trading please check

Rest assured that the entire investment team is regularly monitoring the stocks in mjtfernandez so that when they are already expensive, we sell them so that the copiers do not get to copy the expensive stocks we hold.

The reason why most people are afraid of investing when stocks are negatively performing is they feel that it will continue to a further decline. This is not the case for stocks chosen by mjtfernandez. The stocks are dividend paying which means that the decline will be temporary as investors usually go for dividend paying stocks when the market declines.

Further, we monitor all the companies for their debt levels. So the chance that the stocks we invested in will be bankrupt is very remote. Also dividend stocks are stable companies because these companies will not pay cash dividends to their investors if they do not have the financial means to do so or are in heavy debt.

In summary, we cannot always wait for the mjtfernandez fund to go negative for the month, that is something we are not sure will happen. However, finding that period when the mjtfernandez fund goes negative will allow you additional return especially for those short term investors.

Thus, I suggest you focus more on dividend returns of the fund first, second is the percentage increase of the fund. Always think long term. To know how much dividends you earned visit for a quick run through on dividends earned, CLOSED positions vs OPEN positions.

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