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My name is Mark Fernandez. I am a CPA, RFC, AFA. I like anything about Stocks, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Technology.

I am a part of the international association of registered financial consultants, a public speaker, entrepreneur, and top popular investor-fund manager in the Philippines.

To know more about the fund that I am managing, visit the Mark Fernandez Fund by clicking here. Minimum P10,000 to invest.

My Social Media Accounts:
My FB Page: www.facebook.com/mjtfernandez (I share the stocks that I am invested in this page)
Linked-in: www.linkedin.com/in/markjosephfernandez/ (My professional achievements page)
Instagram: www.instagram.com/markfinanceph/ (my travel and personal page)

Likes: Public Speaking, Reading Books, Anything Finance, Creating Strategy For Businesses, Reading Company Financial Statements, Managing Stock Market Funds, Computer Programming, Helping People Grow, Teaching Leadership, Finance and Entrepreneurship

-Chairman, FinancePH Group of Companies
-Registered Financial Consultant (www.iarfc.org)
-Public Speaker, FinancePH Seminars
-Fund Manager, Mark Fernandez Fund

For a minimum of P10,000 you can invest in my fund and I will be the one to personally manage it for you. Go to mjtfernandez.com/invest to know more.

Life Story in Newspaper

I got a call from the Philippine’s oldest newspaper and they asked me if I can share to them my life story.

Invited in Senate Hearing on Train Law Updates

The Senate invited me in the senate hearing to talk about my opinions on the changes to be made on the Train Law Part 1.

Invited in Senate For Opinion on Estate Tax Amnesty Extension

Upon the invite of Sen. Cayetano, I gave my humble opinion on why Estate Tax should be extended as to smoothen the ease of availment.

Life Story Featured in Book

I got a call from an accounting company and they asked to feature my life in their book of 50 successful accountants.

Invited in CNN to talk about the Tax Updates

I got a call from CNN inviting me to join them in their morning show to talk about the recent tax reform program.

Mark Fernandez awarded 6 Star as President of Rotary Makati North

As one of the youngest presidents in Rotary, I ended my Presidential term by receiving a 6 Star, the highest distinction for Rotary Presidents.

Because I believe that literacy can improve one’s life, once in a while we visit schools to provide books, school supplies, musical instruments and school construction materials.

“ I dream of a Philippines without poverty and I believe this can be done through financial literacy and technological innovations.”

After graduating from a public high school in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental and wanting to improve my family’s life, I asked my parents to send me to a private university for my college degree. Since my parents cannot afford the tuition because we were 4 children in the family, I worked for four years as a working student. I graduated as a consistent outstanding student from freshman to senior. While people were partying and having fun in college I was working.

I wanted to change our family’s situation. We were a family of farmers. Both of my parent’s parents were farmers and we didn’t experience the nice things in life. Growing up, we never had an air-conditioned car. We rarely take vacations and if we do it is usually just in Dumaguete. My parents never experienced the good life.

In college I took the course BS-Accountancy but even when I was in elementary and high school I had a deep interest in technology and computer programming. I can remember when I was in elementary, I was already making small websites. In fact this website domain www.mjtfernandez.com was a domain I owned from my elementary years.

Unfortunately, my parents did not want me to take up BS-Information Technology and thus I became an accountant. Right after college I went to Manila to take the CPA board exam and passed board. My first job was an accountant – as an IT auditor at SGV & Company, one of the largest audit firms in the Philippines. I then pursued my passion in finance, entrepreneurship and computer programming thereafter. To date, I own 4 companies in finance, technology, consultancy and transportation.

Next chapters of my life are being written everyday and this blog aims to share to you the things I learned in my life journey. I love to learn new things especially about finance, economics and technology. Success is a series of small steps and success is relative. My definition of success can be different as yours. Whatever it is, pursue success and happiness because you deserve it. Let’s journey and become successful together.

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