How To Start Investing in Copy Trading via eToro

Have you ever wanted to invest in stocks but you have no time or you think it is too complicated? Through eToro Copy Trading you just need to find someone to copy and then if that person buys some stocks you also buy them automatically (together with that person) even while you are asleep.

For example, if the person you are copying buys 5% of his money with Intel Stock, you will also automatically buy 5% of your money in eToro with Intel Stock. The same applies also if the person you are copying sells the stock.

The advantage of copy trading is:
1. You are able to buy/sell the same stocks that person is buying/selling

2. Very friendly for beginners/newbies

3. Whatever charges that apply to the person you are copying is the same charges that apply to you as the person copying

4. You have assurance that the person you are copying will make sure that his money in eToro is making good income for him because he is using his own money to invest in eToro. If you are copying him, then it means you will also make the same money as him.

To start investing in eToro simply watch this video:

If you need more information in eToro copy trading please read these reading materials or contact us.