How To Start Investing in Copy Trading via eToro

Have you ever wanted to invest in stocks but you have no time or you think it is too complicated?

To invest in stocks you need:

  1. Minimum of $200 to start
  2. A debit (ATM) or credit card
  3. A stock broker (eToro)
  4. A person you will copy (so you know what stocks to buy)

To start investing in Stocks, just watch this short video:

Through eToro Copy Trading you just need to find someone to copy and then if that person buys some stocks you also buy them automatically (together with that person) even while you are asleep.

For example, if the person you are copying buys 5% of his money with Intel Stock, you will also automatically buy 5% of your money in eToro with Intel Stock. The same applies also if the person you are copying sells the stock.

The advantage of copy trading is:
1. You are able to buy/sell the same stocks that person is buying/selling

2. Very friendly for beginners/newbies since you are just copying an expert in stock market investing

3. Whatever charges that apply to the person you are copying is the same charges that apply to you as the person copying

4. You have assurance that the person you are copying will make sure that his money in eToro is making good income for him because he is using his own money to invest in eToro. If you are copying him, then it means you will also make the same money as him.

5. In addition, we have an active and helpful community of copiers where you can ask questions at our viber group at

You do not need to be an expert in the stock market and you do not need to keep monitoring the stock market to invest in stocks.

Why makes MJTFernandez Copy Trading Investment a good investment option?

Imagine buying a house for 300 and that house gives a regular rentals. But the house goes down in value every year as the house becomes older. But if you invest in dividend stocks your 300 goes up every year and you still get regular rental payouts in the form of dividends.

Also copy trading investments do not charge fund management fees. To know how to read dividends received from copy trading click here.

*If your deposit is declined, it maybe because your card has not allowed overseas transactions. Please call your bank and allow overseas transactions.

You can ask questions to other copiers in our community for the banks that they use, by joining our viber group at

(Starting Amount to Copy: $300 USD. You can also do $200 USD.)


If you need more information in eToro copy trading please read these reading material links below or contact us.

To check how much dividends you received from copying mjtfernandez visit

Some tips for new Copy Traders
*If you have already copied mjtfernandez and wish to increase the amount you invested, you need to click “Add Funds” button. If it is your first time to copy you need to press “Copy” button.
*After pressing “Copy” or “Add Funds” you need to check copy open trades if you wish to copy existing stocks owned by mjtfernandez and future stocks. If you wish to copy only future stocks to be purchased by mjtfernandez do not check copy open trades.
*If you do not want to copy all the stocks that MJTFernandez currently holds, learn how to do selective copying (suggested only for those who are advanced investors).

SUGGESTION (as of Jan 2023): Do not copy open trades by unchecking the check box after pressing “COPY” button.


You can also join Mark Fernandez in his regular seminars at or schedule a zoom meeting with Mark or his team to discuss any questions you have. Just send us an email at