How do you know how much dividends you have earned in eToro?

When you copy invest in mjtfernandez fund you will be entitled to receive dividends. Dividends are the net income that was earned by the company (we invested in) that were given back to the shareholders for investing in the company.

Since mjtfernandez invests mostly in dividends, it is important that you know how to check how much dividends you have received from time to time. This is because the P/L profit you see in eToro DOES NOT INCLUDE the dividends that were given to you. Therefore, it is possible that you have earned more than the P/L that you see in eToro.

How to check how much dividends & price increase you received from copying mjtfernandez:

Watch the instructional video here

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the last part indicated “TOTAL CLOSED”
  3. The REFUNDS in TOTAL CLOSED indicate the dividends you have received, dividends are usually paid by companies every three 3 months
  4. The P/L in TOTAL CLOSED represent the money you earned from buying the stocks at a low price and selling the stocks at a high price (these are automated since you copied mjtfernandez)
  5. The P/L in TOTAL OPEN represent the total price of the UNSOLD stocks if ever you wish to sell them NOW (this is not a permanent gain or loss unlike TOTAL CLOSED)

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